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        ShenzhenBoyuInstrument Co., Ltd. was established  in   June 2002, is specialized in microscope and microscopic digital imaging product development, production and sales of high-tech companies. Brings together a group engaged  in  laboratory instruments, equipment, research and  development experts and a group of vibrant young researchers, and with a number of universities and research institutions have established good relations of cooperation. The company independent research and development, the production of "integrated digital LCD Microscope Series" is the first national set of photographs, video, memory function and integrated microscope. Compared with traditional optical microscopes, integrated digital LCD microscopes with digital zoom, easy to observe, the data easy to save, the obvious advantages of intelligent operations. Current products in the world's major science laboratories, research institutes, large and medium schools, Precision Instrument Factory batch used to make people's micro-experimental environment to observe the efficiency was a leap breakthrough. The company sales agent Nikon, Leica, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Xian, Phoenix, etc. are well-known brand manufacturers optical microscope, and has perfect after-sales service system to provide timely and efficient microscopic digital imaging products, technical support and maintenance services. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the driving force for our success, so that customers feel "value for money" will always be our unremitting pursuit. BOYU look forward to working with customers at home and abroad work together to break through the boundaries of vision, pioneering digital    microscope industry, a new blue ocean market.     


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